About Thrombosis & Deep Venous Health

Welcome to the Weill Cornell Vein Treatment Center's Program for Thrombosis and Deep Venous Health. We work as a team to deliver personalized care to patients suffering from venous thromboembolism by offering the full range of minimally invasive treatments to relieve pain and suffering from thrombosis and chronic venous disease.

We are truly excited about offering this one-of-a-kind clinical practice to patients in the Metropolitan New York City area. We have a passion for treating venous disease, because we have seen it cause significant disability and have been able to relieve symptoms in patients who thought they could never be cured or see improvement. In addition to clinical care, we are actively engaged in clinical trials and translational research in order to improve our understanding and treatment of this complex and challenging set of diseases. 

Why is this program one-of-a-kind? We are one of the few comprehensive venous practices in the country that is solely dedicated to the spectrum of venous diseases that can be addressed by minimally invasive endovascular treatment.  We begin with a pre-procedural assessment and consultation, which will include reviewing your medical and venous history, obtaining any necessary imaging (MRI, CT, or ultrasound) and blood tests, and establishing a treatment plan with you.  If you are a candidate for an endovascular procedure, we will schedule you at a convenient time, and you will receive all your pre-procedure and post-procedure instructions. 

One week after your procedure, we will see you at Weill Cornell Vein Treatment Center to make sure you are progressing well, after which we will see you at set intervals to monitor your venous health.  Should special needs arise, we have a network of top-notch specialists from Weill Cornell Medical College/New York-Presbyterian Hospital that we can draw upon.   Importantly, even if an endovascular procedure is not indicated, we are well-versed in and will implement conservative management strategies that can improve your venous health and quality of life. 

Thank you for visiting us. I hope you enjoy reading about the diseases we treat in subsequent sections. We are happy to see you in consultation and answer any questions you may have about your venous health.

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